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Between 2 Edens: Uniting the Realms on Thursday, September 8, 2022 @ 7:00 PM

20 sessions. There will be 10 Fall sessions beginning September 8, followed by a Holiday break, and 10 Spring sessions beginning February 16, skipping Spring Break. The course concludes April 27.

Cost is $25 and covers both Fall and Spring semesters, and includes a digital copy of "Unseen Realm".
The following books are optional but will be included in multiple lessons during the year. If purchased, they will be added to your Faithlife digital Library automatically.
The "Unseen Realm" book is required for this course. If you already own a copy and do not want the digital copy, please select the option below to remove $10 from your $25 registration price.
Families may share the same license. Please let us know the names of additional family members who will be going through the study with you and sharing your license.
First and Last Name of additional household members:
If you would like to reserve a table for your group, please let us know how many tables you need (1 or 2), as well as the Group name.
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