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Childcare Registration - Ongoing on Saturday, January 1, 2022 @ 8:00 AM


-- Parents -- please enter your information above as the "Attendee"

Childcare costs $5 per child per visit, up to a maximum cost of $15 per household per visit.

To pay online: please indicate how many children you have in the QTY dropdown. If you have more than 3 children, simply select 3 (since that is the maximum children you pay per visit).

If you elect to pay in person with cash or check: the "0.00" price indicated on this option is only what you will pay online, it is not an indication that childcare will be free.

Please review the Childcare Policy Document before continuing with registration. There may be information or documents you need before registration can be confirmed.

Please register 48 hours in advance of your childcare needs so we can ensure proper staffing. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs inside that window but can not guarantee a spot for your child.

*Event you're attending:
*Date you need childcare:
*Day/Time needed for childcare:
Please provide names and ages for your children you are registering for childcare
*1st Child's Name:
*1st Child's Age:
2nd Child's Name:
2nd Child's Age:
3rd Child's Name:
3rd Child's Age:
4th Child's Name:
4th Child's Age:
Anything else we need to know?:
*Please note that your payment ensures enough childcare workers will be present and ready for the number of children registered. It is for this reason that we cannot offer refunds for no-shows.
*Enter your Date of Birth as your digital signature that you have read and understand our Childcare Policy (pdf)